About LDN Group

We're looking for brilliant people, who are driven by their desire to make a difference. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely check out our current vacancies. Come on - we know you want to!

About the LDN Group

Ever read "Start with Why?" by Simon Sinek?

If you haven't, you definitely should. And if you want to brush up before you continue reading, check out this video on the topic.

As a purpose-led business, we believe deeply in the work we do - our purpose, our WHY.

So, what better place to start than to start with why...


We believe that young people are remarkable, and that they have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things.

The LDN Group exists to reveal the potential of young people, empowering them to make positive contributions to business and society regardless of their background, education or experience.


We deliver innovative and challenging programmes which harness the energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action of young people.

Many employers overlook talented young people because of a bias born out of their experience of traditional recruitment methods. The LDN Group has a different approach – we deliver programmes which enable businesses to harness and develop the #EEWAP (Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, Ability to take feedback, Propensity to take action) of young people. Young people who demonstrate EEWAP have the soft skills required to make a successful start to their working life.


We are an Apprenticeship training provider that matches young people from diverse and often disadvantaged backgrounds to awesome businesses, coaching and supporting them and delivering specialist digital skills training.

The LDN Group coaches and supports each young apprentice at the same time as delivering digital skills training relevant to their job role. This package of support and training, combined with the commitment of forward-thinking employers, results in apprentices becoming competent, confident contributors their teams.

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